Why Lean?

If your business resembles the life of a fire-fighter, struggles to cope up with customers ever changing needs, trying to satisfy, motivate and get your people to be efficient and also get your vendors to deliver to your organization what you want, when you want it and at a cost that is optimum. Business anywhere is a tight rope walk, with very few organizations going far ahead of competition and remaining there for decades. Toyota is a true role model to look upto.

Lean is the secret behind getting organizations, far ahead in business competition anywhere in the world?

Lean is a way of thinking.  It is a journey that is never over.  It is a system framed in a collection of rules and principles.

The most successful WCM Transformation occurs when learning and understanding take place through problem solving and process improvement at all levels.  It’s not just management’s / engineer’s responsibility to see waste, every employee must learn to see it before it can be eliminated. WCM consists of many tools, some very advanced, and applying these tools does not necessarily equal transformation; changing the company’s culture does…Dilip K Somaiya – Founder - DKSA

Misconception : Lean is About Tools
Reality : Lean is About Systems

First, “Lean is not about tools!” This is a common misunderstanding.  Many people and organizations view lean as an assorted collection of tools.  This limited view of lean is the single biggest contributing factor to lean transformation failures.  Unfortunately, more companies fail (or do not reach their potential) than succeed on their lean journeys.  The failure rate is disappointing.  Companies should beware of anyone trying to preach and implement lean as Kaizens, Five S, total productive maintenance (TPM), or some other collection of tools.

Misconception : Lean is a Finite Goal
Reality : Lean is a Journey

Question : When will a company be lean ? Answer: never.  It is a mistake to think there will be some endpoint where a company will proclaim that it is lean, dismantle all of the lean systems, and return to business as usual.


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